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John C. D’Angelo is a certified CPA has been service his clients since his early days at an accounting firm in NYC. His clients have shown not just satisfaction but gratitude towards him for being prompt and accurate in filing taxes and thus saving a lot of effort and money.

DR Perry Herman, MD

For the first few years of my practice I struggled to get my business running in an efficient, organized, and profitable manner. I worked with numerous accountants seeking someone who could help guide me in keeping my business profitable. To my dismay I was misled and I found my practice failing. Eventually, I had the good fortune of being introduced to John D’ Angelo, CPA. Over the past 6 years while working with Mr. D’ Angelo, he has provided more than excellent accounting services. I have found that he goes above and beyond his call of duty for his clients, providing insight, planning and advice with a thoughtful pragmatic approach that shows he cares not only professionally but also on a personal level.

In these hard times, he has enabled me to turn my practice around and keep it functioning in an efficient and profitable manner. I am grateful to Mr. D’ Angelo and recommend him to all my friends and colleagues whenever the opportunity arises.

DR Perry Herman, MD
Craig Hyldahl, CFP® CDFA™ <br>R.I.C.H. Planning Group, LLC

John D’Angelo has done a tremendous job providing my firm with timely and accurate tax, accounting and financial planning services. John is THE most “hands on” professional I have had the pleasure to know; he truly cares about his clients (and not just from a financial perspective) and it shows. Thank you, John, for taking such good care of my business!

Craig Hyldahl, CFP® CDFA™
R.I.C.H. Planning Group, LLC
Arthur Pomponio, Ph.D., LP, NCPsyA

I have been working with John D’Angelo for nearly ten years, and refer him to friends and family whenever I can. He is a seasoned professional whose knowledge of tax law is encyclopedic. I feel completely confident in his ability to assess my changing financial needs and to provide me with the most effective guidance in managing my tax liability. His attention to detail is extraordinary as is his ability to see the big picture. We do a lot of advanced planning that in the long run winds up saving me money. He effectively consults with my investment advisor to further strengthen my financial position.

One thing that distinguishes John from other accountants is his willingness to go the extra mile. I feel how much John cares about wife’s and my financial health. In addition to doing what he needs to do on our behalf he patiently teaches us what we need to know to help us to better help ourselves. I highly value this extra support.

I can not recommend John more highly. He’s the best.

Arthur Pomponio, Ph.D., LP, NCPsyA
Sharon Muenster President Platinum Care Inc.

I was introduced to John D’Angelo at the beginning of 2009. Prior to meeting him, I was on my second accountant since beginning my company in 2002. My first accountant was helpful and seemed good enough for a business that was very small and does things very independently. I then switched to a small accounting firm in my town, which came highly recommended. They did a nice presentation but were very hands off. I was finally urged to meet John and just hear what he had to say. He asked me to bring a few documents so that he can review them and get back to me with his opinion of how things were handled and if he could do a better job.

“I would recommend John D’Angelo to anyone who wants to get control over their financial matters and can take advice and watch the improvements themselves.”

I wasn’t looking to change accountants and dislike change in any event. I finally decided to give him a shot. I met with him and immediately liked his mannerisms and professionalism. He spoke to me on my level and was never condescending. After he reviewed my information he came back and sat with me and showed me errors that were made and gave me ideas and ways in which he could help me. I felt so good about switching accountants that I had no problem telling my old accountants that they were fired. I have never regretted this and believe that hiring John D’Angelo was the best business decision I ever made. In the last 3 years I have gained such a better understanding of my business and my finances. I have also saved more money personally than I ever have. John doesn’t just give you advice and leave you to your own accord, he follows up and makes sure that you are doing something close to what he is advising if not exactly what he has advised.

The best part about John is that he truly has your best interest at heart. He wants everyone to do well and prosper. I would recommend John D’Angelo to anyone who wants to get control over their financial matters and can take advice and watch the improvements themselves.

Sharon Muenster President Platinum Care Inc.